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Hello my name is Matthew Elgert.

The purpose of this video is to introduce the jQuery Mobile C# ASP.NET framework.

What is jQuery Mobile C# ASP.NET? This is a template content management system using client framework and ASP.NET.

Why did I create this framework? As a developer I find myself repeating software tasks for example creating a website with the following features.

• Mobile, Tablet and desktop web browser supported
• Facebook integration
• Payment integration (PayPal)
• User account management
• Data Access Layer tasks (CRUD create read update and delete operations)
• Content management

Then I decide to create a template that I could reuse and share with other developers. To see the current list of features and future road map please visit
Let’s go to the demo website and have a look at the current Framework.

Demo 1: Go to, click on Demo Description, Future Roadmap, Features, Requirements, Sample Sites, Privacy Policy, Terms, License, Survey & Store.
Demo 2: Go to in a web browser the demo login user is and password
Demo 3: Go to create a sample webpage
Demo 4: Explore create a sample theme and upload it. Please note must name zip file name as the theme name example
Demo 5: Show portal options (Portal start method, Facebook, PayPal, Email, Google Analytics and Robots.txt)
Demo 6: Show portal alias
Demo 7: Explore users, roles
Demo 8: Explore logger
Demo 9: Explore survey and store

The technologies jQuery Mobile C# ASP.NET uses are
• ASP.NET 4.0 framework C# web forms
• Entity Framework
• Microsoft SQL 2008/2012 database
• IIS 7.5
• Windows Azure Hosting
• SQL Azure Hosting
• AppHarbor Hosting

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nullz1011 Oct 13, 2012 at 7:30 PM 
This is amazing! Exactly what i have been asking for as a web developer all put into one package. I would love to get involved!