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Thank you for joining the jQuery Mobile team. I would like to introduce myself my name is Matthew Elgert I can be reached on Skype as mdelgert or via email Im the originator of the concept and design of this project.

Many people have recently joined 120+ developers as of the moment. We are making strides in getting this to the programming community. We are also excited to announce that even Microsoft and Telerik are supporting our efforts and providing us additional resources to provide these to the Open-Source community.

Bobby Padua  ( is our Project Manager and DBA. He assists in the administration, documentation, sql, architecture and other  MS/VS/APIs/.NETprogram tasks. He will be your point of contact for the portal developement, examples and other positions/tasks pertaining the project. 

For those of you interested I would like to schedule an online web conference to give a demo of the current project and make sure you have everything you need to run the jQuery mobile project.

Please at your earliest convenience send an email to and provide the best time to do a conference and Skype id so I may contact you. Please list what skills you have and what portion you would like to work on the project. Also list any new skills you would like to learn and I may pair you up with a partner in that area. Also please ask any questions you have.

The jQuery mobile project is sponsored by Telerik and Microsoft BizSpark.

The Telerik controls are used for the “Admin Pages” grid you do not need the Telerik controls to compile or run the application trial ASP .NET AJAX controls are available at if you need them.

For those of you that do not have Visual Studio 2010 you should be able to compile the jQuery mobile platform with the free Visual Studio Web Developer Express Edition 2010 downloadable at

Currently jQuery mobile uses a Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 or Microsoft SQL 2012 database for those of you that do not have SQL server installed you may install the free express edition at or

The jQuery mobile project has all the dependencies DLL’s included in the project.

Please also make sure you are running Visual Studio SP1 or above

I have the Windows Azure SDK for .NET installed on my developer computer a free download at

You should not need anything more than the free editions of Microsoft products or Telerik controls. If for any Developer that needs a MSDN or Telerik controls I can request more licenses from Microsoft or Telerik for the team.

If you have signed-up as a developer - contact us so we can check your code and upload it to the project.. We liked you to help us add sample applications in the following Portal categories (Contact Bobby):

* Job Portal

* Restaurant Portal

* Speed Date Portal

* Ecommerce/Shopping Cart Portal

* Others, we will soon add here


All other project dependencies are listed at

If you are having any issues accessing source control or navigating through the CodePlex website please visit the following URL for help.

Thanks and happy coding,


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